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Animals & Care

See our regular selection of animals or stop by to see what's new and exciting!

You can also access FREE care sheets for most of our regularly sold animals here.


Products & Services

Whether your animal has fur, feathers, or scales, we have the food, toys, and everything else they need to live a long, happy, and entertained life!


Knowledgable Staff

We pride ourselves on providing both service and support to our customers.


Call or visit with questions, we bet you're not the first to ask!

Plymouth Pet & Aquarium was opened in 1985 by
Richard & Deb Esposito. In the fall of 2023 Crystal Conkey took over as the new store owner and operator.  Over the past 38 years, Plymouth Pet & Aquarium has been grown and maintained as a local small business.
Specialties include freshwater aquariums and offer a wide variety of small animals, reptiles, and birds for sale. Plymouth Pet & Aquarium is the go-to spot for all your animal needs and they are constantly updating their inventory to bring NH the best pet products around. 
Dogs and cats are not sold on-site but carry a wide variety of food, toys, and products. They are also happy to recommend local places to find your new furry companion!
Dog Peeking Out
Bearded Dragon
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