Meet the Staff


Ever wondered what type of pets we have at home? Here's a little bit about each of us!



After 35 years of experience in the pet trade, Rich knows the ins and outs - whether its trimming your birds wings, choosing a new food for your pet, or troubleshooting your aquarium. He started the store for a love for birds and fish. Though he has an extensive knowledge on all topics, Rich is especially adept when it comes to the Aquarium side of PP&A. If you need to know how to start up a new tank or which fish will go together best, he's happy to help!


Co-owner Deb is married to Rich and has been working here with him since opening. Rich and Deb have two happy cats named Oliver and Lila at home. Always happy to help you find what you need, Deb is the first of us to know about new products on the market. Being a small business, we don't always have the space for every product we want to sell. Deb would be more than happy to try and order a product or food you are looking for that we don't stock. Along with Rich, Deb has an extensive knowledge of the ins and outs of the pet industry.



Megan started working here in the fall of 2015 and is always happy to help you find what you are looking for. She has many animals at home, including livestock, a horse, cats, and some happy labs (who are also therapy dogs) named Jack and Tully. She volunteers with her dogs on the PSU campus as therapy dogs for stressed students that miss their pets at home. She also volunteers at NHHS in the shy cat program!

Meg spends most of her time here with the small animals and betta fish, and would be glad to answer any questions about them.



Scott is our store manager. He has extensive knowledge of freshwater fish and aquarium plants, and has multiple tanks of his own at home that house a variety of plants and fish. He also has three happy kitties - Simon, Salem, and Indie. His favorite hobbies are photography, skiing and, of course, fish! 

He would be happy to answer any of your fish questions.

Mina photo_edited.jpg


Wishing Mina good luck in her future endeavors as she pursues a degree in Zoology at University of Florida - Gainsville. Mina, you will be missed!!

Fletcher and Kyle


Fletcher, a graduate of P.R.H.S, joined us in July 2019. In his free time, he enjoys archery, skiing, and learning about animals.

He has nine newts, a freshwater aquarium, a dog named Maggie, and four cats named Max, Mickey, Cesar, and Jax.

Good luck to Fletcher as he embarks on his next journey in Bar Harbor, Maine at College of the Atlantic. We will see you in the winter!



At home Sarah keeps a bearded dragon & a leopard gecko. She also loves spending time with her moms golden retriever Hunter. Sarah attends PSU and will be graduating with dreams to continue her work in the animal world.



Crystal is our Assistant store manager / Animal Care Manager. She started here in January of 2020 after attending NHTI for Biology and has previously worked with dogs and other animals of all shapes and sizes. At home she has a rescue dog Cooper, a cane corso Sultana, leopard geckos Ed & Kizzy, and a blue tongue skink Dahlia. 


She is passionate about the conservation of exotic and endangered animals, and enjoys traveling and training her pups.



Maya, a graduate of PSU,  joined the team in January of 2020. She graduated with a bachelors in Ethno Choreographic Studio Management, as well as minors in History and Hospitality Management. Maya teaches dance in the lakes region and white mountain areas, and in her free time enjoys dance, writing, traveling and camping.

At home she has a ragdoll cat Rajah, betta fish and freshwater fish. She has also had dogs her whole life, and is looking to adopt again in the near future. 



We would love the help of the community in welcoming Jordan, the newest member of our team. While living on a farm amongst chickens, sheep, goats, dogs and cats, Jordan also keeps snakes! She is a great resource when it comes to ball python & corn snake information. In her free time Jordan keeps busy working on her art career.