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Food / Water:

Never offer crickets water as it usually results in drowning, as well as too much moisture to the container. Instead offer the crickets a slice of apple, orange, or potato that can serve as both food and water. We also offer different kinds of "cricket food" in store. "Gut loading" crickets refers to feeding the crickets prepared diets, fruits and veggies appropriate to provide them with the nutrition your animal needs. A well fed cricket means a healthy happy reptile.

Caring for Crickets


Crickets have a life expectancy of only 6-8 weeks. Medium to large crickets will only live to about 2 weeks.


Keep crickets in a well ventilated, dry container such as a large jar, coffee can or "Kricket Keeper" (available here). Keep their home as dry as possible, as any dampness will cause their droppings to create a deadly gas, killing the crickets. Keep their temp at about 70 degrees. If the temp falls lower and the crickets seem dead, warm the cage again before removing the crickets. At low temperatures crickets become dormant.

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