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Caring for a Goldfish 


Goldfish make great pets and are very easy to care for! These step by step instructions should make it even easier for you.



Rinse your hands in plain water (no soap!) along with the gravel, decorations, and bowl.



Fill the bowl with room temperature water. Goldfish like their water between 60-70 degrees.



Condition your water with the proper amount of water conditioner for your size bowl to create and ideal environment for the fish.



Float the bag (un-opened) with your fish in it for 10-15 minutes. This allows the fish to acclimate safely to the temperature of his new home and decreases stress.


5. ADD

Add the fish! An ideal pH for your goldfish is between 6.8-7.0; if you are unsure of the pH of your water we will be happy to test a sample of your water for you!



Feed only one or two pellets every other day - no more! They will always greet you, begging for food, but overfeeding will make the water toxic and could kill your fish.



As goldfish are a bit dirtier than other tropical fish, you should change the water every 2-4 days to increase oxygen levels within the bowl. If you see your fish appearing to gasp for air at the top of the bowl or seeming overall lethargic, it is time for a water change to aerate the water. Keep a small amount of the old water in the bowl to promote the growth of beneficial bacteria and add water conditioner as needed.

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