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How to keep your fish

happy and healthy!


Owning an aquarium should be rewarding and relaxing, and regular maintenance of a few simple things can help keep it that way!



Fish have a very low tolerance to any change, so it's important to keep the water conditions as stable as possible without sudden changes.



The temperature for tropical fish should be between 74-80 degrees, and 65-72 degrees for goldfish.



The proper pH for for most fish is between 6.8-7.0. If you are unsure of your pH level purchase a pH test kit or bring in a water sample for us to test for you.



Regardless of where your water comes from, you should add a water conditioner such as Stress Coat and freshwater salt.



Be certain that there are no toxins in the area of your aquarium. These include but are not limited to: 

  • air fresheners

  • cigarette smoke

  • glass cleaners

  • perfumes

  • hand lotion

  • flea products

  • hand sanitizer


Always wash your hands before coming into contact with your aquarium water. Do not use household sponges inside your tank (even if it is fresh out of the package). If it is not intended for aquarium use - do not use it. No seashells, rocks, or items from outside should be placed in the aquarium.



There are many causes of stress for fish, such as:

  • poor water quality

  • aggression between tank mates

  • improper lighting

  • inadequate hiding areas

  • transportation



You should be feeding your fish once per day, only what they can eat within one minute. Fish always appear hungry, but overfeeding results in many fish/aquarium problems. Do not crush up any flaked foods to make them smaller, the fish can nibble pieces off of even the biggest flake. Crushing the flakes dirties up the water and can result in high levels of ammonia.


Have you done a partial water change lately?

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