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4 Easy Foods for Busy Dog Lovers

Amy S.

Nov 1, 2022

I​t's morning, your dog is waiting not-so-patiently by their food bowl for a scoop of kibble. You're thankful that your food routine is quick, but what happens when you want to spice it up? Each time you go into your local shop you glance at the freeze-dried, frozen, or raw foods and wonder if your pup is missing out. But who has the time? Here's an easy go-to guide of the 4 foods to add your dog's diet, without adding time to your to-do list!

P​rimal Freeze Dried-Nuggets

This appocolypse-style food reminds us of the dehydrated astronaut snacks from the gift shop as a kid. Simply take this counter-safe bag of freeze-dried protein of your choice, measure out the portioned nuggets and break them into small pieces. Add liquid like water or broth and watch the food come to life. Feeling creative? Mix it up at your leisure! Water on weekdays and broth on weekends? Yes please. For 4 nuggets, you'll need a 1/4 cup of water, or 1 Tablespoon of water for each nugget. If your pup doesn't lick the bowl clean, make sure to refrigerate or discard any food left out for 2 hours or more. Now also available by Primal: "Freeze-Dried Raw Pronto" the scoop-able form for that extra-busy pet parent.​

Happy golden retriever with bag of freeze-dried nuggets
Primal Freeze-Dried Nuggets

Tucker's Raw Frozen Dog Food

T​his peel and serve method is perfect if you're looking to serve pure, raw dog food on a regular basis. The only catch? Don't forget to put tomorrow's serving in the fridge the day before, always make sure the food is thawed before serving. Bonus: Having trouble with overfeeding with a busy family of caretakers? This regulated schedule makes it easier to maintain portions even with puppy dog eyes on you. Available in 4 oz, 8 oz, and 16 oz patties with a recommended serving size of approximately 1 oz per 2-5 lbs of dog (always check a food's feeding table before serving.) This famly-owned business from WI started in 2009 and pride themselves on quality, "USA Sourced, Human Grade, Human Edible" meat.

Three happy dogs with a bag of Tucker's frozen food
Tucker's Raw Frozen Food

Bravo Blend Chub

The dog "food" that looks most like it belongs in your local deli... the chub. Intended only for intermittent and supplemental feeding, this is a high-protein food special treat, without having to commit to new, regular food. Incorporating a semi-regular dose of highly nutritious, raw food can make a difference in your dogs coat, skin, weight, teeth, happiness, and longevity. Like most frozen dog foods, make sure to thaw it in your fridge 24 hours in advance. This 1-5lb chub doesn't take up much space, just don't mix it up with your ground beef!

Person with dog in field with text that says Raw food helps increase energy levels

Primal Raw Frozen Nuggets

W​hat can we say? Primal knows what dog owners want and need! A complete and balanced raw food diet without the food preparation. Bagged in easy to separate and serve nuggets, this food is great for long-term storage, finicky eaters, and the on-the-go pet parent. Thaw the day before and make sure to always serve your food in a stainless steel bowl, other materials trap germs over time. Founded in 2000 by a dog owner on the search for a healthier and more natural diet, Primal's top priority is the health of your canine companion.

Happy dog in shopping basket with owner picking out frozen primal dog food

The author of this article is not affiliated with any pet food brand listed here. Always ​consult your vet before switching pet foods. Read and follow preparation and serving sizes.

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